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AVI file too big to burn!



Hi all,

Apologies if this has been covered but I couldn't find a thread.

I have a avi file that is approx 430mb in size to encode to dvd. However when I come to decompress it using My DVD8 it shows up as 5.3 gig. I want to play it on a standard tv set dvd player so it must be burned onto a 4.7gb dvd. Is there any way I can make it fit?


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In the wonderful world of video, file size is a meaningless measure. Start thinking in Time.


A 4.7gb DVD will hold about 1 hour, whereas a 8.5gb DVD will hold a little less than 2 hours. When you exceed these limits, quality will suffer.


In V8 the trick is to burn to file (ISO) then use Disc Copier to burn that ISO file to disc. It will offer to recompress to fit and does a good job of it.


Since you probably have about 1:15 quality should be pretty good.

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Well James what a hornets nest you started ......

Tried what you said but was confronted with continuous monitor reset attempts and the message "videowave requires a minimum resolution 1024 x 768 with 16 bit color"!


Had to force quit when cpu usage was at 100% and everything locked up with nothing responding. Did a restart to gain control. Did notice however that after checking display properties my res is ok but the colour quality is set to "highest 32 bit". Will I have to change that?


Conclusion - perhaps not such a good idea with my ageing kit!! Further comments please ..... :(



CPU 2.2 Athlon

Ram 512mb

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Having done some more checking I think the avi file is suspect in that when trying to open I get "...not a valid win 32 application...) and nothing will recognise the file format "KLCP AVI". I understand the fix you suggested and will try if this occurrs again, meanwhile however I think deleting this file is the best solution.

Thanks anyway.

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I have my hornets at bay! At least for the moment!


AVI is not one specific file type, there are many variations!


Your PC is a little short in RAM but should work OK. You may want to update your video card drivers and check to make sure you have the latest DirectX drivers installed.


Do you have any other video files you could check to see if they load and burn to ISO OK?

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It may not be the file,it may be that you don't have the correct codec on your machine that lets you use the file.An avi is basically a container for other types of compressed files such as DiVx or XVid.It could be that you just don't have the correct codes on your machine to allow you to use that type of file.

Try going here and downloading Gspot.Install it and then try and open your file with it.If you are missing the codecs then it will tell you so.


Don't mean to butt in James.Just a thought.

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