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EMC 9 + McAfee = Disaster



I reached a moment of total bliss today when I realized that, without any traces of McAfee on my computer, EMC 9 works okay.


A 60-day trial of McAfee came installed on my Dell Dimension 9200 and it seemed every time McAfee did an update or virus scan, EMC 9 crashed. I deduced that McAfee was the primary problem and many people doubted me.


So, if you have McAfee on your computer and are having problems with EMC 9, remove McAfee (refer to my previous discusson "So, now what...?") and you'll be laughing just as I am now.

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Nice to know that Roxio isn't such a big bad wolf :P


I spoke too soon. Roxio worked fine for one project that I had already saved. It opened fine and I as able to convert it to MPEG. But after that, it went back to it's usual bad behavior. And, once again, am stuck with a useless program.


I haven't responded to this discussion group for awhile as I've been busy with other things in my life (work, cleaning house, etc).


After I opened the one project and converted it, I tried to open another one that was much smaller. The above-mentioned project was about 31 minutes. The smaller project took forever to open and when I tried to save it, the VideoWave froze.


So...here I am once again, extremely unhappy.

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Care to share the name of that program?



Sure, it's FSAutoStart by Ken Salter. Originally designed for the flight sim community.....soon Ken rewrote the code so you can use it for any app. or GAME.


Much more flexible than END IT ALL.




I can do a pictured tute on setting it up. Once you see how to do it, it's the same for any app. or game you may want to configure it for.

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Antivirus software is notorious for wreaking havoc on other programs.


Never run it while using intense apps.


Matter of fact, I use a little program to shut all resources (except systray and explorer, need those two) and startup programs like my antivirus etc., completely down before I start up EMC9 for any burning to disc or HD. If I intend to burn, I also disable my LAN connection. Don't want it possibly causing any possible "hiccups" in my burn.

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