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Authentication Failed In Cineplayer



This occured frequently in Roxio v. 7.5. I read on these forums that you must be logged on as administrator to install Roxio for Cineplayer to work or something to that nature. Well, I AM the administrator and I had uninstalled and reinstalled Roxio numerous times to get cineplayer to work. It would always work at first, then a couple of times later it would not work. I would get a message of "Authentication failed".


Now, I have Roxio EMC version 8 and with the latest upgrade to 8.05. I tried running Cineplayer and guess what, I get the "authentication failed" message and the program will not load. As I said, I AM the adminstrator, the program is installed under the administrator and the program is run under the administrator. We are now in a version later (8) than when this first started happening (7.5). This should not be acceptable. I should not have to continually uninstall and install the software to make this program work for a short period of time.



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Do you or did you have a newer Version of CinePlayer than the one in V8 on your computer? I looked at the Sonic site (Not Roxio) and found that this was the only problem even remotely related but the error message was different.


The fact that it works for awhile and then stops working seems to point to something that is changing the registry. Do you run a registry cleaner? If so, you may want to exclude the Roxio folder from the cleaner. It is possible that even an Anit-virus program or an Anti-malware program may be seeing that as a threat. Which of those programs do you use?


Something is changing since it works and then stops working; that is a hard one to track down.


What, does no one else have this problem?
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