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I can't open my video production!



I've been working on a slideshow in Videowave. As of today, Videowave won't open it. I've noticed that when you make a video project, Videowave creates two different files: one with an icon that looks like a movie camera, and another one with the same name but a strange logo. The second one seems to have been corrupted somehow. The file is there, but the icon is the generic "I have no idea what this is" icon. I don't know that this is the problem, but it looks very suspicious.


Anybody ever had this problem, and know what I can do to get my (nearly finished) slideshow open?

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That is correct. If you go to control panel, folder options, view tab, uncheck 'hide extension for known file types' click apply, ok, you will be able to see that one file is the .dmsm file, the other a related .dat file. .dat files are usually not associated with any particular program, hence the generic icon.


Essentially, the .dmsm file contains the information about the paths to the files included in the project, the .dat file contains the information on any effects, editing, etc. you have included (the original files are not changed).

If videowave cannot open the .dmsm file then most likely either it or the .dat file is corrupt, or it may be that the files contained in the project are not available at the paths where they were originally (though in that case, Videowave would attempt to load what it could and warn you about files it could not find.


If it won't open it, then I'm sorry to say you'll have to start again. If your project contains a lot of files and you do a lot of editing, I think it might be good practice to save intermediate productions (number them sequentially). Then if the latest one for some reason goes wrong and won't open, you can at least get back to a point just before the last set of changes you made.

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