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yes, so it seems, Toast does not support .ape (or .cue) files -- I guess the question is, if the Roxio folks are reading this, "will you add support for .ape files in the next version of Toast" -- or, ideally, will/can you add it to the next incremental upgrade? It would be a boon!

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xACT is a "Mac OS X GUI front end for the unix applications Shorten, shntool, monkey's audio compressor ,flac and cdda2wav with paranoia and much more."


In a nutshell, it's seems to be the most reliable tool under OSX for converting .ape, .flac, .shn to .wav or .aiff formats. It also rips cd's really nicely.


I have been collecting lossless audio from taper-friendly bands for many years. I maintain a huge lossless audio collection. In my experience, there are still many more in Shorten format than any other lossless format on the internet. This is followed by Flac16 format files. I have never encountered files in WavPack format, and I've only encountered an archive in Monkey's format (.ape) once, out of many terrabytes of downloaded material. Monkey's audio is very, very slow to decompress. I convert everything to Apple Lossless, which tends to result in smaller files, and are more smoothly playable by Quicktime than the other formats.


I'd love to see support for Monkey's Audio (and Monkey's Video, for that matter, which seems to be very popular in Europe). More importantly, I'd love to see someone cook up a Shorten .component for Quicktime. Shorten development seems to have stopped in 2002, though the CoDec is very fast, by far the fastest on my new Intel Macintosh.


My two cents...

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