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16:9 menu

david ross



Sorry for the newbie question, but I can't find anything that lets me set the aspect ratio of menus in the manual or help functions. Am I stuck with 4:3 menus?


I see in the preview options that I can letterbox menus if I make the photoshop images in the right proportions, but what I want to do is have full-screen 16:9 menu.

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That's right, there was no 16:9 menu support before 6.3.


you can try a trick it if you want, but that is your only option. How? Import a piece of 16:9 video (or maybe even a 16:9 still) with your text already baked into the video (or still), set the menu attribute to stretch (I think), use the highlight tool in the menu editor to surround or underline your text.


If you do that and you do not put any text or button objects onto a menu, you will get a 16:9 menu that will look great on a 16:9 monitor...but, as there was not 16:9 menu support in your version, I think the menu may have problems on a 4:3 letterboxed or 4:3 P&S TV (or both).


note also that all of your menus will have to be done the same way. if you put text or button objects on any menu in your project, you will turn it to 4:3...and the software does not support a project with some 16:9 menus and some 4:3 menus.

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