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Some Titles in DVD Builder are listing as negative file sizes



I created three home movies about 45 - 50 minutes each last week using VideoWave.

I successfully burned an ISO file out of one of them and burned to DVD-R.


This week when I tried to import a second movie into DVD Builder my movie showed up as being -29 MB and the yellow DVD Disc Project size bar didn't move. When I tried to create an ISO file it said I needed at least -29 MB of free disc space to complete the project. And I have over 30 GB of free space right now.


All three movies are getting this kind of message. Including the one that I didn't have an issue with last week. But other movies I created before seem to work just fine. When I add one of my three movies that show in the negative and add a movie that does not have an issue at all, then I am able to create an ISO file.


I do not have Internet Explorer 7. I already went through that problem. :lol:


But does anyone know why this is starting to happen with titles that already worked last week. Also, I did not add or delete any programs since I created these three movies.

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Not yet. I was planning on Defragmenting after I recorded the movies and deleted them off my hard drive. Every movie that is created with video Wave reads as being a fragmented file that cannot be defragmented. So I wanted to get them off first.


I was able to create an ISO file with the negative sized file after including a title that was not showing up as negative. Then I was able to record just my home movie from that iso file by not choosing the other title. So at least there is a work around. But I'm wondering why this happen in the first place.

Like I said, it has happen to only these three movies that were created last week and one of them recorded without issue last week.

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Maybe the Media Manager db is corrupt.


Try the following and see if it helps.


Rename your Media Manager folder:


Media Manager is a hidden file. Go to My Computer/Tools/Folder Options, click on View, scroll down to Hidden Files and folders, and click in the circle to the left of Show hidden files and folders. Click on Apply, then Ok.


a. Close all open applications, especially Roxio applications.

b. Open My Computer.

c. Double click on the C: drive and browse to C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Roxio, where USERNAME is the name of the user you are currently logged in as.

d. Right click on the MediaManager folder and choose rename.

e. Name the folder MediaManager.old

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Thanks for the suggestion Larry but it didn't work. I did find the issue though. It wasn't the file. It was a folder. When I moved the videos out of the folder that my rendered files go to, they were all fine. I renamed the folder but that didn't work. So I'll just delete the folder and create a new one.


If this happens again I'll post about it. I still do not know what caused this.

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