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Not sure where to put this question but I have video files that are in asx format. My Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite 9 does not read them as video files. It does recognize them in the music area, but that doesn't help. Is there anyway to get roxio to recognize them as video files. I did download a converter program and it did work (took forever, but did work), but it made a 455mb file into a 6.5gig file. I'd rather not waste my hard drive space. I bought this program for the simple fact that it read asx files. Turns out that the are a reconized audio file but not video. They work in windows media player, how do I get them to work in Roxio. I've rambled enough, I hope someone can answer. Thanks

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When I use the ADD VIDEO in Videowave/MyDVD, I do NOT see 'ASX' as a valid video file. However, I do see 'ASF'. Try changing the extension to 'asf' and see if it works.


Found this on the at fileext.com:

Points to an .ASF structured file. Apparently you can also put the Microsoft Advanced Streaming Format into an .ASX file and play it with later versions. A number of different players attempt to capture this extension.

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