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Crackling on some songs when burning copies




Roxio's been working fine until last week. Now when I burn copies of CD's one or two songs has crackling on it. It's usually toward the end of the CD, a momentary crackling and popping sound, a couple of times on the song, usually track 8 or so. I haven't changed any settings, going to try some stuff out tonight. I am using the reccommended Verbatim CD's. I've burned another copy of the same disc I first noticed the problem on and it did it again, I cleaned the disk first but it's still doing it. I write on the disk with a red sharpie, would this effect playback?



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If it happens in the same place from the same disc every time, it casts suspicion on the disc.


If it happens in the same place from EVERY disc evry time, it casts suspicion on the burner.


Try revising the order of the songs, and see what happens.


As an example, I followed that advice (from Digital Guru d_deweywright), and moved track 11 to track 1. The new track 1 had no problems but the new track 11 did. Time either to try a lens cleaner disc, or consider a new burner if cleaning the dust off the lens doesn't work.


Had the new track one still had problems and the new track 11 not had problems, it would've indicate a problem with the source disc.



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Not being too sure what a 'red sharpie' would be - the only way playback would be affected is if you scratched right through the back of the disc (don't laugh - I've seen it happen where someone managed to do exactly that and then wondered why the data disc wouldn't work)


Check that the mic is muted - sometime stray noise can be picked up that way

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