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Changing Font: error



i have DVDit Pro6. I create a new text, but when i try to change the font program freeze for a few seconds and then it display the classical windows error (blah blah send don't send debug) and then a Visual C++ error window: pure virtual funcion call. Anyone can help?



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I've seen this issue caused by USP10.DLL. This file was replaced in SP2 by a newer one and caused problems with lots of software. Fortunately it didn't effect Sonic software too heavily, just an annoying bug here and there such as this one. Having DVDit go back to using the old file will fix the issue, if this is this issue in the first place. I'm really not sure why this file doesn't effect thing imedietely following the update and why it only effects a very small percentage of users. All I know is that I've fixed this issue for a number of users by going back to the old file.


It's safe to say that Microsoft had a good reason to change the file in the update so we don't want to change the behavior back for other programs, we just want DVDit to use the old file. By default, whenever DVDit needs to access a system file it will look in its own local directory before accessing the file in the system folder. If you still have the issue after you've placed it in the local DVDit directory you can try backing up the file in the system32 folder by simply renaming it usp10.dll.old. Please don't forget to back it up if do choose to replace it.


You want to put the file in here: C:/program files/Sonic/DVDit Pro


If putting it here doesn't resolve the issue then back up the old version in c:/windows/system32 and place the replaced version in here.


I can't attach the file to this forum, probably for the best, so you'll have to PM me your email address so I can send you the file.


I hope it works for you and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to write me if you have questions.


If other users experience this problem you can post here or send me a PM as well.

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