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I've never had this problem before but I recently started using a new brand of CD-R for burning audio, the first one burned fine but today when trying to burn again the error message


The drive reported an error:


Sense Code = 0x0C




I thought it must have been a broken disc or something but it did the same with a few more of these CD-R's .

I put one of the CD-R's that I used to use for burning in and that burned without a problem.


Does anyone have an idea how I can solve this or if it can be solved.


I really need the help ASAP!


Thanks :)



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Media quality is declining and compatibility with older disc burners is decreasing as the discs get higher-rated speeds for the newer drives.


The first thing you should do is check if there is a firmware update for your drive. The second thing is to burn the CDs at a slow speed such as 8X. If 8X works, then try the next higher speed if faster disc burning is important. If neither of those work then buy different media. Verbatim media seems to work reliably with most drives.

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How do I check for a firmware update?

I'm using a Mac Powerbook I bought just less than a year ago, so it's not that old.


And on Toast 6 Titanium how do I change the speed?


I really appreciate the help!

Apple provides firmware updates for their SuperDrives. However, they often do not even when they should. So checking the Apple Support Site will tell you if any firmware update is available for your drive.


You change the speed in the Recorder Settings window. That's the window that appears after you click the burn button. It also is available from the Recorder menu. You see a button that reads "Best" which means the fastest speed that the drive and media agree are possible. The drive checks the media to decide what speeds are available so you need to insert a blank disc before seeing what speeds are available. Most CD-R media and drives today won't burn slower than 8X. When burning an audio CD it is recommended to burn at the slowest possible speed to minimize chance of playback problems.


Apple's SuperDrives are problematic so always buy good quality media to reduce the chance of creating coasters.

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