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My First time to ask for help so please bear with me. Hp Media Center M7334N with XP. I did a recovery trying to stop this and on reinstall of EMC8 the error "ATI Video bios poller Application Error. The instruction at 0x7c911639 referenced at 0x008b3005 The memory could not be read, Click OK to Terminate or Click Cancel To Debug" is still with me. :angry2:


I rolled back Media Player 11 to 10 and removed 11 runtime as tech said to do. Also have explorer 6.


This only happens at boot-up and I only burned one disc which worked fine.


Thanks in advance for any help. KELLDCAN


After all the post I have seen it might be time to change to something else.

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Hi Kelldcan,

Is this the message you get?


ATI Video Bios Poller: Ati2eVXX.exe-Application Error

The instructions at 0x7C911639 referenced memory at 0x009a3005. The memory

could not be read. Click OK to terminate the program. Click Cancel to debug

the program.


do me a favor and go to the add & remove software box and see if you have this app installed.

Its called OpenManage


If you do then

"Please try uninstalling the OpenManage software on the system. This should resolve the error.

uninstalling "OMCI" (open management client instrumentation) using the add/remove software control panel and then reboot and the message should be gone.

Open Manage is the app that may be generating the error message


Let me know if this works?

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Hey as a thought here , the ATI Radeon express 200 in an onboard video card, and although it may be a good card they tend to be a low cost and slow unit to run , mainly with DVD editing ect and games, if you do have some spair cash try getting a addon video card (agp or if your pc has one a PCI-E video card), as the responce and performance are way better than an on board unit,

PS: here is a link to your drivers




This is the new correct driver for your current card,


And i wish youy luck with your issue, hope this driver helps, and in reply no thanks needed , thats what us Guru's are here for



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Have the computer going great. (For now) Downloaded Microsoft clean registry tool and used it to delete some things and did a Clean custom install omitting the Drag to Disk and a Mange of some kind, (forget the name) of EMC8 and I am up and going. :rolleyes:


Some things you said helped, Doyle

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Hi Highlander

Could not find any app named OpenManage in add and remove. Also did a complete search for anything close.


Two errors back to back 0x7c911639 referenced at 0x008b3005 and

0x0042257d referenced at 0t0x0000010c The one you had was the same except 8b and 9a


Thanks for trying and hope you have something else



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Its going to be one of two things



Uninstall the drivers then reinstall the correct drivers for that card, dont use the HP ones provided , but go to the ATI site and select your ones ... drivers are the dodgy things and they make these kinds of errors...





Possibly a RAM issue.


If your PC has more than one module, try running the PC with one of the modules removed. Repeat again until you've tested each RAM module.


If this gets rid of the error, you know it's a duff RAM module - they're fairly cheap to replace

or go back to the supplyer

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I thought about the drivers to at the start of this issue and is the reason for the system recovery and to pin down the cause.

This computer has a ATI Radeon express 200 series chipset. Hope I can find them. It is still in warrentry too for what good it does.


Will also check the RAM as it only has two 512 MB now and needs more anyway.


You are an asset to this site.


Thanks again, Doyle

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