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This disc is incompatible with the source disc (DL FIX)



When I built my house I documented all my wiring I spent months installing (AC, CATV, CAT-5e and SMART HOUSE) using HI-8, 2-hour tape.


After ripping the tape to disc, and adding navigation chapters in MYDVD, I created a DVD DL+R ISO which finished at 7.7GBYTES. I tried to burn the Dual Layer Disc by double-clicking on ISO file, and received the following message, when I attempted to BURN:


This disc is incompatible with the source disc.


This is my first attempt using Dual Layer since I waited until I could find firmware and flash my drive to force BOOK TYPE to DVD-ROM on DL+R Disc:


Here was my work around (after wondering if I just created a $$$ Verbatim DL+R Coaster):


I Opened Creator Classic and selected "Burn Disc from Image File". With the 8.5GBYTE DL+R disc in the burner, creator classic did the job. Double-clicking ISO file from explorer seems to open a handicapped version of Disc Copier, which was useless.


The Dual Layer DVD plays flawlessly in my DENON DVD-2200 which does not play single layer DVD+R disc very well (hence the need for bit setting).


From now on, I will avoid double-clicking ISO and just use Creator Classic to do the job. Hope this helps someone else who has encountered this issue.......

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Didn't open Disc Copier Directly (the version that opens is the same application accessed from ROXIO HOME, unlike the dedicated Copier application).


Double-clicking on ISO opened a severely limited version of disc copier, and after attempting the first burn, the application only saw 619MB free on a blank 8.5GBYTE disc (which gave me a reason to worry that something got written to the DL disc....turned out nothing was written to the disc and it was still in pristine "BLANK" status). When it first opened this tool, it saw 8.5GBYTES free on the disc.


The only way I was able to record the ISO was through Creator Classic, using the same "BLANK" media Disc Copier reported "Incompatible with the source disc". I was pleased to see the disc was okay (since these disc are not cheap).


My next project using DL, I will try opening Disc Copier (ROXIO>COPY>DISC COPIER) first and use it to load the image to see if it acts differently.


Thanks for the suggestion.......

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