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Video_TS burn

Scott B




I've created a DVD build on DVDStudio Pro and I would like to burn a DVD that consists of the audio_ts folder, video_ts folder, and a text file. In Toast 7, I select burn Video_TS folder, and then drag all three folders/files into the window, but when the DVD is burned the text file is not on the DVD. How do I burn a DVD so that the text file will be on it too?




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There's a couple ways to do this. The easiest in your case is to use the Toast Data window. Choose DVD-Rom as the format. Click New Disc and name the disc. Add your VIDEO_TS, AUDIO_TS and data folders. Burn the disc. Technically you don't need to add the AUDIO_TS folder because Toast automatically creates an empty one when a VIDEO_TS folder is present.

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