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DVD copy problem



I'm taking old home movie videotape VHS and recording it on DVD. I want to make copies for my kids using Toast 7.1.2. There's no copy protection involved but when I try to copy my DVD about half way through the initial "reading data phase" my Mac CD/DVD drive starts whirring & clicking for about 20 secs. and then I get an on-screen message which says " Couldnt complete last command because there was an I/O error( your disc may be copy-protected). Result Code = -36 My only option on this message is to click OK. Then the whole copy process is aborted and I'm back to the beginning. This process is repeatable and it occurs apparently at the same point in the reading process. It has also happened with several different DVDs. Any help would be much appreciated.

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What are you using to record the original DVD and what brand and type of media are you using for the source disc?


Something else to try is selecting the source DVD in the Toast Media Browser. Drag the titles that appear from the browser to the Video window with DVD video selected as the format. If that extraction is successful you can then use Toast to author and burn a new DVD using Toast's menus. There is no re-encoding in the process so the quality will be unchanged.


Because these are not copy protected discs yet another thing to try is to drag the VIDEO_TS folder from the DVD to the Finder. If that is successful you can select the copied VIDEO_TS folder using the DVD video from VIDEO_TS setting in the Toast Video window. This will burn a disc identical to your source DVD.


If none of these options work then there must be a flaw in the disc that is preventing the copying of its contents.

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