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Burning Multiple VCDs with Toast (mac)



Agh...I'm so frustrated.


I'm trying to burn a VCD. However it says there is not enough space on the disk to do so. I know that there is a way to burn the same movie across multiple VCDs on other programs, however I can't find that option anywhere, and there is no prompt asking me to do so.


Is this even possible?


How do you do it?


Thanks for your help :)

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What format is the source video? How long is the movie?


There's no automatic way to split a movie into multiple Video CDs with Toast. However, depending on the format of the video you may be able to go into the Edit window and move the sliders to set the start and end points for the video to be used in one VCD then - after creating that VCD - change those points for creating a second VCD.

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