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CD Spin Doctor Help Needed



Dear Sirs


There was no drop down menu for CD Spin Doctor so I posted this here? Please forward it to someone who can help!




I bought a M-Audio Audiophile Firewire Interface so i could hook up my Imac G5 (OS 10.4.8) to my stereo.




I also wanted to send the analog phono inputs to my computer through the interface to digitize my records. I bought Roxio CD Spin Doctor 3.1 as it said "Supports USB and Firewire external audio devices".


The Spin Doctor record screen recognizes the interface as "Firewire Audiofile Multichannel, however it says "No compatable Formats Found" . I really am excited about using your product and am hoping you could provide a solution?? I am encouraged that it recognized my firewire device, now I am hoping you can tell me how to make this all work!


I guess I could get a dual RCA to 3.5 stereo adaptor and plug that into my line in but that would pretty much defeat the purpose of the the firewire connection interface. Please help, I am a return customer having had 2 versions of Toast before.




Rob Garven

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I never knew that midi app ws there. I configured my Midi set-up and it recognizes the m-audio firewire device and I get levels coming into Spin Doctor but it wont let me record them? What is funny I installed a CD spin doctor widget which when I select the device it opens my (old) copy of Toast in Classic and I could record from that????.


Is CD Spin Doctor just a small part of Toast and if I got a new Toast would it work then? I am tired of buying software just to find out I cant use it!

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Spin Doctor is a bundled application created on behalf of Roxio by a separate developer. I'm puzzled why the record button isn't active on your Mac. Do you have a scratch disc selected in the Spin Doctor preferences? You also might trash the Spin Doctor plist file from inside your User>Library>Preferences folder.

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There are some devices that Spin Doctor doesn't support. Unfortunately I can't find the posts from freshburn where I learned this.


One thing to check. Make sure that the Audio Midi Setup in the Utilities folder is set to the same inputs that Spin Doctor is set to.


If you can't get Spin Doctor to capture the audio, you can use other applications to do this such as QuickTime Pro. Was m-Audio include any capturing application? As long as the file is saved as AIFF then Spin Doctor will open and work with the file the same as if it did the capturing.

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