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Capturing from AV

SnK Kermit


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OK, so i got this capture card http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/PCI-TV-Capture-Tuner...1QQcmdZViewItem i set it all up, BUT i want to capture from AV, as to capture me on my xbox, but i cannot get it to capture from my AV, could someone please tell me what wires i need or what not to make it capture from AV, and how to set them up etc etc plz


Sorry, I don't understand what you are trying to do. What computer are you using and what Roxio product? You posted in Easy Media Creator version 9. Is that what you have?


You want to capture from AV - that's a broad range. What do you want to capture from? An xbox? I'm not sure how many people know enough about an xbox to help.

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He is trying to capture from the TV Tuner card and the XBox is connected to the capture card with A/V cables.



Launch Media Import

Click the VIDEO Tab

Choose your TV card from the list (if it is there)

Hopefully, you will something like what I have here.

In the drop-down list for INPUT, you need to select the Audio/Video input instead of the TUNER.

It is probably labelled as 'composite input' or something similar.

Mine is labelled 'Composite Video and Composite Video 2 (which is on the front of the computer)


If for some reason your card does NOT work with Media Import, use the software that came with the card to capture. That software will also have a choice for the inputs. You will need to select the composite input instead of the TV TUNER.


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