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Sonic Express Labeler Will Not Start




On my first try using sonic express labeler, when I go to start the program (start/programs/sonic/express labeler) & I click - - I imediately get a microsoft error message. You know the one - - 'sonic express labeler has encountered a problem - would you like to send an error message to microsoft?'.


This is a new hp pc - where the sonic software came pre-installed from hp. So, no installation on my side, no disc either.


I was going to try to use the lightscribe features . . . help!

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Thank you wombatkz!


It was a really simple soloution to my problem. I noticed your tag because I have a gaming mouse from Logitech installed on my PC and thereby the Logitech SetPoint software.

So thank you, now I won't have to troubleshoot the internet no more ! :)

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QUOTE (Bill B @ Aug 16 2008, 07:16 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

I have the same exact problem loading Sonic Express Labeler resulting in same error message.

Problem is I have no Logitech software installed.

Any other known conflicting software?



Just uninstalled Norton 360 version 2 (for other reasons), and now Express Labeler works again!

Bill B

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I had the exact same problem and was able to fix it with the following advice from the Lightscribe website. It's only applicable if you have something from Logitech installed. (Even though the info below references an error with dwwin.dll, I never had that error pop up on my screen. I only got the "encountered a problem and needs to close error".)


Sonic Express Labeler & Logitech SetPoint software


Date logged: November, 2006

Known Affected Platforms: WindowsXP

Symptom: With the SetPoint software installed, the Sonic Labeler would not load and errors out with a message indicating access problems with ‘dwwin.dll’. This does not affect other labeling software such as SureThing or Nero.

Cause: SetPoint and Sonic are using the same reference file name.

Recommended Resolution: Exit SetPoint software: Right click Logitech icon on lower right icon tray, and choose “exit”. Please also check with Logitech or Sonic for future updates that may resolve this issue.

Known versions affected: Sonic Express Labeler v2.0, SetPoint V3.10

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OMG!!! Thank you Wombatkz.


I have been struggling with my express labeler and this error message for 5 - 6 days now. Have installed, uninstalled, downloaded numerous patches, played with windows media player versions, blah blah blah........


I read this post, exited my Logitech application and BINGO!!! Express Labeller works Perfectly.


Hmmmm..... now should I do a system restore to remove all these patches that I prolly dont need????????? :blink:

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Hi Fred - so after I read your comment, I did an online chat with someone from hp for over an hour. They never understood my problem - - they were just shooting canned answer after canned answer at me - everything from . . . 'let's perform a full system restore'!


She couldn't understand that my lightscribe works fine - it is the software - sonic express labeler - that was installed on my pc by hp that wasn't working.


So, I decided to call them directly. After an hour on hold listening to 'music' & how important I was, I hung up.


This sucks.

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