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How to Enhance a Video

Grampa Dave


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On the Roxio web site under Video info for EMC9 Suite they talk about Video Doctor and how it is able to repair a video automatically or manually. Can anyone tell me how to find Video Doctor??? I have 3 AVI clips that I would like to work on.





Took me awhile to find the reference. I had never hear it called video doctor but from the write up, it is probably the auto color in VideoWave. I don't think it works well. Actually, it is probably all the color correction controls manual or auto. I'm sure you would almost have to do the correction by scene.


That term is not in the help files - another difference between the help and the actual.

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'Video Doctor' in the EMC 9 Video features refers (as far as I can make out) to the one click auto-color correction button in Videowave and less directly to the many adjustments that you can make manually in that module.


Quote from the features page:

New! Let Video Doctor auto-correct video color, contrast and brightness or make manual adjustments to improve video recorded under poor conditions.

End quote


If you load a clip into Videowave and click the auto-color button, it analyses your clip and changes the colour, brightness and saturation settings to what the software considers to be the (average) optimum values for the whole clip. This can improve the appearance for parts of the clip, but can also make it worse in some otrher parts. Once the clip has been analysed, you can toggle the autocorrect on and off by clicking the auto-color button while playing the clip, so you can see what its effect is.


As far as manual adjustments are concerned, in Videowave you can edit and manipulate video clips in several ways: you can trim either end or cut bits out, change or adjust colour, brightness, saturation, add, change or edit music or narration, add various effects, overlays, etc to parts or all of a clip. None of these edits change the original clip itself, but are saved when you save the production in which you made the changes, or if you export the edited clip to a new file.


Personally, I prefer to make any such adjustments manually, using my own judgement as to what is optimum.


If you describe in detail what you want to do, maybe someone can give more specific advice.


Apologies to Sknis who posted while I was typing and trying things out in Videowave. At least we came to the same conclusion :-)

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