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Import MYDVD LE styles



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I don't know of any easy way (there is no import function as such), nor do I know whether EMC 9 and MyDVD LE use the same formats.


However, I was able to bring a menu style over from EMC 8 to EMC 9 by copying all the related files for that style into the appropriate folders in EMC 9. These are the many subfolders (and sub-sub folders) of

C:\Program Files\Roxio\VideoUI 9\Content (assuming default installation path for EMC 9).


For some styles there may also be some style related files in other subfolders of C:\Program Files\Roxio\VideoUI 9, for example in C:\Program Files\Roxio\VideoUI 9\AET and its subfolder C:\Program Files\Roxio\VideoUI 9\AET\intros


The names of files relating to a given style start with the style name. There are a lot of them for each style and each has to be placed in the correct folder. The style then became available in EMC 9. For example, the Beach style in EMC 9 needs 46 files, Birthday style has 51.


I suggest that you start by looking through the subfolders of C:\Program Files\Roxio\VideoUI 9\Content to familiarise yourself with what is involved.

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As noted, you can't import them exactly. You can proably import parts of them, sorta. If you create and save a production in MYDVD LE, you can import that in MYDVD 9 and it will convert the background and audio into the MYdvd 9 project. The buttons however will not translate, it wil create new ones using ones in v 9. You could then save the v 9 project as a Custom Theme so you can re-use it again in 9.

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To add to what Larry suggests, if you do it the way he suggests you would need to retain MyDVD LE on your PC, as what EMC 9 will save is the path to those menu style files used in your MyDVD LE production, which, if you don't copy thenm over, are of course in the MyDVD LE folders.

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