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Help Wanted



I am running an iMac 1.25gh G4 with 768 RAM, Mac OSX 10.3.9 with a 4x superdrive (Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-106D).


I am looking to back-up onto DVDs several large (12 to 20 gb) iMovie and iDVD projects. I want to save each as complete projects, complete with all the underlying video, audio etc.


Of course, using the standard Mac OSX 10.3.9 utilities, I cannot save to DVD files/folders greater than about 4 gb. So I am looking at alternatives.


I am in the process of trying out Stuffit Deluxe 10.0.1 . This promises the ability to "segment" large files/folders, but I cannot get it to work (it seems to segment them, but will not allow me to re-join the segmented segments).


Toast 7 appears to offer a solution, since it promises the ability to burn large files onto multiple disks (in other words, as I understand it, to segment these files/folders).


My question is this: does it actually work, or is it another example of a software company promising something that it does not deliver? I have been about 4 full days trying to make Stuffit work (to no avail) and I don't want to put myself through that again with Toast if other users have had problems with this aspect of the program.


I am further cautious in that I have Roxio Easy CD CReater 5 on my Dell PC (it came with the computer) and I have never used it since I found very early that the Windows CD burning utilities were, for me, much easier and more intuitive to use....so I am not what one would call a Roxio fan. But that was a couple of years ago: I think I understand the basics of burning better, and I am sure that Roxio must have improved.


Any feedback would be much appreciated.


Thank you



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