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Disk Cover RE and Toast 8

Eric Gold


So I've got a DVD all set up to burn in Toast 8 and I want to print a quickie DVD "label" using my DVD-R "print-on" disks and My Epson 960 printer. Toast already knows a lot about my video -- Title, length, date, time, etc., so logically if I choose Disk Cover RE for the "Extras" menu, all the data from Toast should be transferred over and I should be able to print out a nice, simple label for my disk which includes the basic information already sitting in Toast.... Right???


BUT, it doesn't seem to work this way! Am I missing something or did Roxio leave out this important between-app functionality?

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Choose Save from the Toast File menu to save your Toast Project.


Then follow these steps in Disc Cover Help:


Disc Cover can import data from a Toast audio project: track name, track duration and playlist name (Audio CD name).


Open the Music tab on the Source panel (use the Window/Import/Music menu command). Choose Toast in the Import Data From pop-up menu to open the Import dialog.

Select a Toast project.

A list of imported tracks will appear on the Source panel. Select a presentation format (one column, two columns, etc.) of the list and drag it to your document.

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