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MyDVD & Vista



Using MyDVD-9 I’d like to able to play all the items in a sub-menu. For example I have Slideshow-1, Movie-1, Slideshow-2 and Movie-2 all on the same sub-menu. If I select Movie-1 I would like all the succeeding items play.

I have setup the item links using the ‘Play After’ setting to do this, however the items stop playing after the second one – For example: clicking on Slideshow-1 plays it and Movie-1 and then returns to the main menu. Clicking on Movie-1 plays that followed by Slideshow-2 but again stops by going back to the menu.


By setting the Project Option to ‘Play Movie and all remaining movies in project’ all the items play in sequence, however this then plays all the items in all the other sub-menus as well - which is not what I want to happen.


Is this something that MyDVD-9 should be able to do? Certainly MyDVD-4 did this without any problems!


I've raised this through Roxio Self Service support and IM'ed a support rep all to not effect. I even did I complete 'clean' deinstall and reinstalled EMC 9 and the problem still appears. This makes EMC9 virtually useless for what I want!


I'm just hoping that the upcoming Roxio Vista patch will fix this else it's the bin for EMC9!



I’m running MyDVD-9 through EMC-9 under Vista Premium Home on an Intel E6600 processor with 2Gb of memory, the video card is a Radeon X1650SE with 512Kb.

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