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No Content (Tracks) Old Toast CD Files



I have used Toast for eons. I am now using Toast Titaniium 8.0 with my PowerMac G4 and OS-10.4.8.


I used to be able to click on the Toast music CD file which I created, and it would bring up the file with all the tracks. Now I double click on the file and Toast opens but there are no tracks. What happened? All my Toast files are like this. I want to double click, open them, and burn a new CD. Help!!!



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Am I upset? YOU BET!!!


I just downloaded and updated Toast Titanium 8.0 to 8.0.1.


I had been advised that my old Toast 7 files might actually open with that.


SO, WHAT HAPPENS? A Toast file I created in Toast Titanium 8.0 YESTERDAY, will now NOT open with 8.0.1. No other changes were made to the system (no filed locations were relocated, etc.). What is going on?


Ever since Toast 8 came on the scene it seems that attributes of this software are declining.


I want to open my Toast files----I can't even open a file I created in Toast 8 yesterday.


Yes, I am upset.



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Angry is not the word!!!!


What is wrong with the folks from Roxio not WARNING everyone of the impacts PRIOR to upgrading so that effective decisions could be made.


Talk about BAD customer sensitivity!




I sure hope that Roxio FIXES this. There is absolutely no reason that they cannot fix the problem. I have two CDs with many tracks and intricate crossfades that I started in 8.0. It is not acceptable for them to release an 8.0.1 update that is not compatible with 8.0 files.


PLEASE ROXIO. Fix the problem

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It won't ever support 8.0 documents. You will have to use 8.0 if you want to burn the document. The bug that was fixed to add support for old 7 documents means 8.0 documents will ever work in 8.0.1 or above.


You mean Roxio is OFFICIALLY not interested in fixing the bug with 8.0 compatibility? That is bad bad bad news.


ESPECIALLY since they gave no warning. There is no reason that they cannot come up with a fix that address both problems -- at the very least they could write a utility that translates from 8.0 to 8.0.1 format.



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That's a pretty amazing response, freshburn. You're telling me that I no longer have to keep both Toast 7 and Toast 8 on my Mac to play all my files but I DO have to keep both Toast 8.0 and 8.0.1 to play all my files (even though I just replaced 8.0 with the upgrade so it's trashed). You are also telling me that I will simply have to re-do all the work that I have done on Toast 8.0 since I pourchased it two months ago.


How about version 8.0.2 that might be able to play ALL my files? Your answer, if sanctioned by Roxio, is certainly not very user friendly.

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