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Toast Disc Image from iMovie freezes - please help?



I've captured video into iMovie 6 HD, and used iMovie for minor editing/trimming. The resulting movie is just under 4 hours (3:59). I then drag the iMovie file into Toast 7.1.2 under the "video" tab to make a DVD-video. Encoding is automatic and set to best quality, and there are no menus. I've done three different encodings. After completing the first encoding I realized I didn't select "automatic" in the Toast Chapter section so that Toast would recognize the chapter markers I placed in iMovie. The second encoding went quickly and Toast just said "multiplexing" (I guess it caches the just completed encoding and just added the chapter marker information). Then I mounted this second disc image (with chapters) using Apple's DVD player. Everything seemed to play fine and chapters were where I placed them with iMovie. However, when I was advancing from Chapter 17 to 18 DVD player would freeze, counter still going but frozen picture and no sound. I let the movie play between those two chapters and realized the freezing point was at exactly 3:18:38. I quite Toast and did a full second encoding of the same iMovie. The resulting disc image mounted fine, but froze again at that exact timecode. At this point I believe it may have something to do with the iMovie chapters, because last week I burned a similarly long iMovie project in Toast (dual layer) without chapters and it played fine all the way through. The only thing I haven't tested is the first disc image I made without chapters. It's just a pain to fast forward (even at 32x) that far in to see if a freeze happens at that same time (besided I do want the chapters there). So I haven't actually burned a disc yet, but considering the mounted disc image is freezing, I'm not too anxious to make an expensive dual layer coaster. The other odd thing is that the resulting disc image is only 6.83 gigs. I was hoping that at 4 hours long, and video encoding quality set to best, that Toast would maximize the space available on the dual layer disc I want to burn the image to. Any advice is appreciated.

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