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Importing video from Set Top Box



Version 9 of Easy Media Creator specifically introduces a new facility of being able to edit adverts out of TV broadcasts recorded on a set top box, but there are no instructions that I can find either in the book supplied nor in the media help file which outlines the procedure for doing this. Does anyone know how to achieve this please?

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Reprinted from Roxio digital media report:




If you have a set-top DVD recorder, a networked TiVo, a Media Center PC, or another PC-based DVR, you've probably got lots of your favorite shows recorded—with lots of commercials too! VideoWave, the video editor included in the Creator 9 suite, makes it simple to snip out unwanted bits and burn the results to DVD. Here's how:


First, import your media files into a VideoWave project, and add chapter markers on the timeline at the beginning and end of the commercial sections by clicking on the + button at the top left. Then click between the two markers to join them and delete the joined video using the multi-trim button (just to the right of the + button).


A side benefit of this procedure is that you will now have chapter markers at the beginning of each segment following a commercial, neatly dividing up your show into the usual 6 or 7 segments per hour. When you are finishing editing in VideoWave, you can switch right to MyDVD, and the markers will represent the beginning of chapters on your finished DVD—with no commercials in sight!

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