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HELP - Easy CD Creator 6 Crashes - HELP

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Hello. I am a new member who has recently subscribed to this forum in order to search for information and help.


I have been using Easy CD Creator 6 for many years seamlessly but suddenly when I try to use it, it crashes.

I have Windows XP operating system, Internet Explorer 6, Window Media Player 10, Real Player 10.

I proceed the following way in order to use Easy CD Creator Classic 6. I choose under project, Data. I drag and drop the files I want to burn. I load the BLANK CDR on the cd/dvd driver. Then I click on burn to disc. A window comes up under the title of Record SetUp. There, I choose Write Speed (16 X in this case), select Buffer Underrun Protection, choose 'Test and Record' under Record Options and Disc At Once under Record Method and I click OK.


The program starts the simulation / test phase. When the Phase Progress reaches 100%, Disc Progress is in 2 % and from that moment NOTHING HAPPENS. I can hear the CD R spinning but no progress in the recording. When I try to close it, the program does not respond. It freezes / crashes completely. I try to close it many times but to no avail. I open Windows Task Manager and click End Process / End Process Tree to close Creator Classic but NOTHING HAPPENS.


I also cannot open the CD Tray to extract the CD R. THE ONLY WAY TO CLOSE THE PROGRAM IS BY RESTARTING MY LAPTOP.


I have another recording program and that program works perfectly in EVERY WAY.



I would very much love to help me on this issue / matter.


Yours Sincerely,



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Hello. Thank you so much for the reply. Would you be so kind to let me know in detail what I should do?

I have heard about updating cd /dvd drivers with firmware and having problems with it.


I could carry out a simulation burning of an audio cd and it worked but I see the project that does not work here is when I intend to burn a DATA CD.


Thank you so much.d



These symptoms often point to a problem with the burner. Check for a firmware update for the burner.


If you have the discs and download the updates for your version, try uninstall/reboot/install.

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