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Converting Multiple CDs to 1 DVD?



I've got 8 CD Roms of Hemera Images and it takes forever to switch disks to get stock art. What I want to do is create a single DVD with the CD's loaded, so that when you pop in the DVD all 8 CD's appear on the desktop. I've only gotten as close as creating 8 IMG disks on a HD and mounting them from a hard drive. I'm not sure it can be written to DVD, but would like to know how if it can be done?


Right now, I'm mounting 8 separate disks, and Roxio doesn't have a global mount. You have to mount them one at a time.




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Unless I don't understand something in your question, is it not possible to copy the contents of each of the CDs to your hard drive and then use Toast to burn them to a DVD as a data DVD? If you want to keep the structure of the CDs, you could create folders called CD1, CD2, etc. and then burn the folders.


Given that you already have the images on your hard drive, you could load them all once and copy their data files to a Toast data DVD, using Toast to create new folders for the contents of each CD.


This would probably be more effective than trying to load eight disk images.


Alternatively, you could use Toast to create a DVD disk image with the structure I've suggested and place the image on your desktop. A single click would then open the disk and you'd have access to eight folders containing the files from your CDs. Depending on how often you use them, you could even set it up to auto-open on booting the system. It's probably worth noting that data access from a disk image on your hard drive will be faster than from a DVD.



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