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Repair Process


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I just tried to open Media Ticker 2 and found that something that I've added to my computer may have created a conflict since the program would not open hang. I had added Buzz, Photoshop 5 and Photoshop Elements 3 recently so I don't know if one of those had anything to do with the program not opening or if it was some other hiccup.


I used Windows add or remove programs process to select "Modify" the program. That gave me about a half second non-repair. It still wouldn't open. When I used the "Click here for support information", I got the option to repair from there. That option worked, I saw the program reinstalling and when I rebooted, it worked as desired.


I don't know if that is a Windows issue or if that is something in the Roxio installer that doesn't call the correct repair routine.


BTW, I looked at the events log but it didn't provide much information on the hang.

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Thanks for the report. We did have a problem with a previous build of Buzz, where the installer was overwriting a component shared with MediaTicker. As you discovered, re-installing MediaTicker puts the right component back in place and fixes the problem. The latest build of Buzz should behave well.

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