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ISO Burning issues



Hello, and thanks for any help you can give me on this.


For reference, the system I have is an Intel D945GBO BTX system board with Intel 950 duo-processor. 2GB RAM running MS XP Professional 32bit OS, on a WD 500G HD and HP-640i DVD burner.


I have an ISO file I have created using Adobe Encore 2.0. On 3/13/07 I bought Roxio Creator 9 to burn the image to DVD.


When I try to burn the ISO image, it asks me to put in a blank DVD and click ok. I do so and it sucks in the blank, gives me an hour glass, and soon reopens the media drawer and pops up the same message for me to put in a blank DVD and click ok.


I then burned the same ISO file onto the same media that it rejected using the data mode of the software. I tested it on another computer to be sure it was a good copy, and it was. I again tried to burn an image, and again produced the actions described above.


After looking around this and other sites, I went to HP, downloaded latest firmware for the DVD burner and installed it. I already had the latest updates on the motherboard. I rebooted the PC and experienced the same results as before. I tried using another brand of DVD I got from work with exactly the same results as before. (It would burn a data disk, but not an image.)


I'm beginning to believe that I paid a hundred bucks for DVD media drive tray exerciser software, since the only reason I bought Creator 9 was to burn ISO images.


The next option I plan to try is to replace the DVD burner, but will wait until I hear from this forum.


Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.




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We have almost identical machines and I don't have this problem. The latest firmware I found for the HP640 is IMA6 (which is actually the LG 4166B).


What program are you using? There are several in EMC 9 that will burn ISO files. DO NOT use the HOME application. Many people have posted problem when using it. You should be able to use Creator Classic or Disc Copier. Just use the Windows START menu to launch them.


START>Programs>Roxio EMC 9>Copy.Disc Copier


That is my personal choice.

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I too prefer Disc Copier, especially when needing to shrink large ISO files to fit on a disc. However, there have been a number of times when disc size files have not burned well in DC and switching to Creator Classic has always worked fine in this circumstance.

Never tried the Home app to do either so I have no opinion on that.

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Looks like I'll be buying different burning software.


I can't wait any longer.


I wonder if I can get my "C-Note" back.



Can't help you with that here. You'll have to contact Customer Service for returns.

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