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Can't read the DVD I just burned




What I use to burn DVDs is DVD+-RW SDVD8820. I bought DVD-R disks. I succeed burning my DVD but when I come to read it I can't, neither on my computer nor on the television. It's like if there was nothing on the disk... What's the problem???

Thanks a lot.

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Well I use Roxio MyDVD version 6.1.6. It was coming with my computer. I used avi files. And i just put the disc in my computer and clicked on "burn". It seemed to burn because it took about 10-15 minutes but my computer didn't make a sound... I mean usually I hear it when it's working! :P And when I want to see what's on the disc once it's burned well there's nothing. The computer doesn't detect the disc at all. I'm sorry, I don't now computers a lot but I hope I gave you enough information so you can help me. Thanks a lot!

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