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Here's my story: Win XP Home, TiVo Series 2 DVR, went with Roxio EMC from TiVo partnership, used Trial version - worked and was mostly successful. Paid for full working Suite download, import a .TIVO movie file, select TRIM MOVIE to edit, started getting errors (actually mentioning the .CPP source file?!?), system's hard drive thrashes for longgg time, then nothing. Interface in MyDVD refuses to redraw. Finally end task. Repeat process as needed - no real change: MyDVD in the full version does not work with these transfered .TIVO files. At this point, I couldn't even play the .TIVO files in Windows Media Player - saying the files were DRM and couldn't open. Then EMC9 started saying the same thing.


I bought a new 256 MB PNY NVidea Vertgo video card (PCI) in hopes of boosting processing - no such luck. Added RAM (now 1 GB) - no help. Same problem. System has a primary 120 GB drive and a 250 GB drive partitioned in two, both mounted internally. A DVD-ROM, CD-R/W, and external USB DVD burner.


I backed up system (personal files, .TIVO files, no program data aside from bookmarks/favorites, downloads, etc.), wiped the hard drive and used the Recovery disks and built the software and settings back up. Re-installed Roxio EMC9 and Content installers as my user - program opens OK, above problem still happening. If my wife runs as her user, she gets errors that she is trying to open the same .TIVO file (I opened successfully) and is stopped with the DRM errors again. I open in WMV or EMC9 - no problem. We're both administrators on the XP Home system.


What chaps my hide is that Sonic/Roxio only provides pay-per-call support :o even though I just purchased this software (Feb. 10, 2007). I email tech support - only the auto-response and nothing else for over a week now. :angry:


What's up, Roxio/Sonic? Do Roxio/Sonic employees/tech support staff check out these boards or are we on our own here with $100 down the toilet? If there is another LEGAL application option to process the DRM .TIVO files and create DVDs, I'm ready to hear about it. If I find some other legal method, I'll ask Roxio/Sonic for a full refund - this is nuts!


Do I have a corrupt download from your STORE.DIGITALRIVER.COM site? I'm using an 5-7MB cable connection - so the time for the download is not the issue. Some customer service would be appreciated here!



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They have now added live Chat support. If you search through the forum, there have been several posts on TIVO and how to optimize your machine for EMC 9. Most important is to have the latest drivers for you new video card and the latest DirectX update.


You may want to turn off 'watched folders' in Media Manager, too. That uses a lot of system resources.

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