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David Escojido


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When I click "Tools" and "Laser Label Disc" nothing happens.
That option should bring up Roxio Express Labeler which is powered by Surething. There is also another app - Label Creator. Some people have been reporting a problem when using the 'Home' app to launch the other apps. Go to the Windows Start menu:


Start>Programs>Roxio EMC 9>Tools>Label Creator


Let us know if that works for you.

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Hi All,


I found a small problem (amongst many larger problems) running Label Creator under Vista Ultimate x64.


Clicking "Print Disc Label" from the Home/Tools menu brings up the Express Labeler, which works fine (Edit, Save, Print, etc). But, if I save the label (.jwl) and either click the "Edit in Label Creator" button in Express Labeler, or open Label Creator and try to open the previously saved .jwl file, Label Creator crashes. If I click cancel on the "Label Creator has stopped working" message box, I get a MS VC++ runtime library message - "R6025 - pure virtual function call".


However, if I open Label Creator from the program menu, create a label, print it, save it, etc, then reopen the .jwl file (created with Label Creator), it works fine. The problem seems to be limited to transferring or opening a project from Express Labeler in Label Creator.


Note: Under Vista Ultimate x86, this problem does not occur.

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