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Pictures, sizing and transitions



I saw a response to another question that showed me how to size pictures to fit in the TV Safe Zone in Videowaveby creating a color panel and adding the pics as overlays and resizing them. Is that the best way to fit a pic in the TV Safe Zone?


BUT once I do that, I can't figure out how to create transitions between the pics because they don't seem to be tied to the color panel. Does that make sense?




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If you have Phot suite with your EMC9, Open a blue, black, pink Blank slide or a Photo to use as background in Photo suite.


Use "Import Photos & Cutouts...." To import the photo you wish to resize. Drag handles to where you think the TV safe zone is (there aint no guides that I can find).


On file menu "save as" if you dont want to destroy the background.


Use the saves as Photo in your production.

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Sorry, we can't add transition between overlays. Would be a nice feature for EMC 10! LOL


If that is what you want to do, you will need to edit you image and add a border to it. Then add that image to the MAIN track. I like to use a shareware app called Image Cropper which works great and doesn't touch the original image. It creates copies with border added.


Get Image Cropper here

If you use it alot, he does taek donation via PayPal. I certainly donated. I use it that much! Also great to crop those digital camera files before sending them to Walmart for printing. That way I KNOW they are cropped teh way I like.


One secret to Image Cropper - RIGHT mouse button and drag to resize the selected area.

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While you cannot add transitions to overlays as Gary has stated, you can create a transition-like effect by changing the start and end paths of each overlay. For example, highlight an overlay and click View>Settings. Click the red ball and set the Start path to STILL and the Style to Fade In. Set the End path to STILL and the Style to Fade Out. That acts similar to dissolve transitions. Experiment with the other styles and you may come up with something you like. That is somewhat time consuming if you have many pictures in the overlay track but it may get you want you want.

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