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Great product, but allow transcode& asset reuse!



First let me say that I am delighted to finally be making BDMV projects that play in my newly updated Sony BDP-S1 player. I am also most impressed that the software installed on my system and has operated through two projects without a single error message or crash. Based on years in the industry, this is outstanding for a new project. :)


Now as to the realities of day-to-day use. I have a dozen HDV projects stored and DVDit takes a long time to do each project, and once done I see no easy way to make extra copies. :(


Let me expand: These roughly 60 to 90 minute projects are archived as .m2t streams at 1080x1440 60i, 25mbps video, 384kb audio. I can easily convert them to elementary streams using RemuxTS.exe (google for it!) that DVDit will accept….but insists on needlessly transcoding. This is a 2.5 hour process each time. It is made worse in that, despite changing preferences to “save temp files”, the application never reuses the transcodes, saved “volumes”, or saved “disc images”. For now I'll make .iso disc images first and then burn. Note that Cyberlink Power2Go must be updated to for the "burn disc" image to work So to summarize my requests:


1)Allow a project to proceed from saved transcodes, Volumes, and especially saved .iso images.

2)Take another look at how over-fussy the application is about .mpg files created elsewhere.

3)Start work to multi-thread the transcode engine. You can be assured every DVDit HD Pro customer is running on a dual core machine

4)Last and easiest, when the option is “Burn Disc”, ask how many identical ones to make!

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Hi DonHDV.


It's been mentioned before that HDV is not a native format for BluRay MV- so please let's all just accept it, there is not much Roxio can do about it. We all have to transcode our HDV and it takes time.


I think that you should use something like ProCoder or TMpeg to do this rather than let DVDit transcode at build time. Also, you can simply make BD folders and use your burning software with you BD burner to write multiple copies.


Good luck- enjoy those wonderful discs and I'm very jealous of your SONY BD player.

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you can go one further. you can build BD folders or BD ISOS and burn them to hard drive and then burn them to disc with DVDit Pro HD. Just create your folder or ISO to hard drive, then choose Burn Disc in DVDit Pro HD and change the value from "current project" to "volume" or "image" and choose your BD volume or image. No external burning program needed.


You can also grab your transcoded video and audio files out of the temp folder for later use if you wish for use in future burns. check out the location in the preferences tab. They are in that location in a folder called "projects" until you shut the program down.


using temp transodes is one of the things we want to get accomplished, but there are some engineering issues that have made it challenging.

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