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EMC 9 Suite




I just found this site and it looks like a great deal of help can be had here.


I just found out after upgrading to Vista Home Prem. that EMC 8 doesn't work. :angry: My system, HP Pavilion P4 3.02Mhz, 2Gb RAM. I just bought this computer 2 months ago and paid extra for EMC 8, do you think I have any recourse for a refund from HP?


Also, I just ordered EMC9 Suite and waiting for it to arrive. I completely uninstalled EMC 8 including little bit and pieces found in the odd folders that was left over.


Anything I should do before the install of EMC 9? Does EMC 9 comes with LightScribe or a labeling program?


Thanks very much for any and all help. :)

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Just make sure you do a complete uninstall of all V8 components.Then if you have one run a registry cleaner.

EMC9 has both a label creator and will do lightscribe.To do Lightscribe you need a couple of things.First you need a drive capable of writing it.Second,you need to go to Lightscribe.com and download the lastest version of both the System software and the Extended Contrast Utility.Install the system software first and then the utility.

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