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Have used 7.5 successfully for a year and a half. Now for no apparent reason, when I try to open Creator Classic I get message "Dragon Engine initialization failed". What to do?

Install Napster. Even if you don't want to use it, installing it will reinstall the Dragon Engine. You can then remove Napster if you want to.

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Hi All,

Still working through this problem. In the meantime, in reviewing other posts for my own general knowledge, I noticed a guru suggested to someone to update to MS DirectX 9c to solve their particular problem. I think I only have DirectX 9 on my computer. Could installing this update help me solve my Dragon Engine problem?

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I had been having a gazillion issues with Roxio over the past several months.


Disc Copier – “cannot initialize API”

Creator Classic – “Dragon Engine initialization failed”

D2D – “Drag to Disc could not start because components necessary to run are missing”

DVD Builder – did not recognize my Sony burner


I performed the following tasks as suggested by various posters (unfortunately with no results):


Device Manager – check for errors shown for the burner

Device Manager – uninstall drive that is not being recognized by Roxio and reboot

Compatibility – make sure no there are no checks in “run this program in compatibility mode”


Downloaded and ran SpyBot

Downloaded and installed Napster

Windows/Add Remove Programs/Roxio/Change/ Repair

Uninstall / Reinstall Roxio

Update burner firmware

Updated to DirectX 9c


Over Easter weekend my son visited and reformatted my hard drive and success was ours. Which probably means the problem was never a Roxio problem at all.


FYI – having read many posts on this forum advising against installing D2D I requested my son not to install it so hopefully that will stop any future problems at least with that issue.


I read many, many posts on this forum as well as posting my own call for help. I received much advice from Roxio posters for which I am appreciative. My intention was not to bore you with all of the above but wanted you to know I received many suggestions from all of you and tried as many of them as I had time for before my son actually arrived to save the day. BUT the time you spent giving me advice was not in vain. In addition to becoming a much more informed Roxio user, I have printed all the posts and am keeping them for future reference (which I hope never to need). 


I love Roxio and what I can do with it and I continue to be grateful to you all and these forums.

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