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How do I reduce the sound volume for output?

Noel Sant


I have some mpg clips that play much too loudly in MyDVD preview, and also when I burn them to DVD and play them with a DVD player through my TV. But I can't find a sound editor for the films themselves, in MyDVD. Just for the menu. How can I reduce the volume when I burn them to DVD?


Also, when I play the DVD on my PC, it gets picked up by Windows Media Player which plays the vision, but with no sound at all! But WMP can play commercial DVDs OK.

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Open your MyDVD project

Select the button that plays the movie


In Storyboard or Timeline, select the movie and click the little 'speaker' icon

Adjust the volume

Click Play to verify - change again if needed.

When finished, click 'Back to Menu' above the preview.

Then Burn again.


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