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I am new member and really need your help. The CDR4_XP.SYS for the Easy CD and DVD Creator 6.0 has caused my system to crash (with blue screen) when winXP is loading, and the following error was displayed in the blue screen: DRIVER UNLOADED WITHOUT CANCELLING PENDING OPERATIONS.


I have searched, found, and downloaded an update of CDR4_XP.SYS (

updatecdr4_53_71.exe ) from Roxio; but after running the update my system could not see the CD ROM

and the DVD Recorder drives. Is there another update of the CDR4_XP.SYS for the Easy CD and DVD

Creator 6.0. that any of you could help and point me to a link of another CDR4_XP.SYS? Thank you very much in advance for your help.




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