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Question About Tags



I may be missing something here? Please help if you can. I am ripping some old compilation disks that have no tags. I'm using tag editor to set them and my problem is I can edit the tags and have the music ID go get the info but I can only do one at a time.


If I "add files" and make a long list on the left pane and fill in all the tag info one by one when I press done the window goes away and only the first file on the list keeps the changes. All info on the subsequent files is lost. I have tried to "select" all the files on the left before pressing done but only the first file is saved.


As it is I have to open tag editor for each individual file then make changes press done and open tag editor for the next file and so on. Opening and reopening for each is tedious.


I have searched and read about tag editor, I have check off embed on file for each file and it still only saves the first file info.


If I am not doing this right please let me know.



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Yes, I was just wondering how you accessed it, either on its own from Roxio home or from one of the EMC 9 apps, such as Music Disc creator, sound editor, etc.. But I find it works whichever way I access tag editor


Using Roxio Home tag editor, after loading the files you want to edit, to edit them one at a time:

highlight the first one in the left pane, enter the info in the right pane..

Highlight the second in the left pane, edit the info in the right pane


when finished click done.


When I checked the tags in Windows Explorer, all the changes I'd made for each file were there.


Some suggest that you should also check Embed or Replace tags inside the Audio Files (if supported by the format).


I have not found that made any difference for me, (I have only tried with .wav and .mp3 files) but you could see if it makes a difference.

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I don't seem to have your problem, if I select multiple tracks, and edit the song information, all the selected tracks show the change I made. Obviously this is only useful for tags all the tracks have in common. I can do that in Windows Explorer or Media Import (before importing) or Music Disc creator (after loading the tracks). I haven't tried anywhere else...Where are you trying to do this?


PS OK I realise you're using tag editor rather than editing in Windows Explorer or one or other EMC 9 module.


So I've also tried tag editor opened from Roxio home. I added several files from my hard disk, selected them all in the left pane, changed an entry in the right pane of tag editor, clicked done and closed tag editor. I then checked the tags of those files in Windows Explorer and they all showed the change.

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Thanks for the reply.


None of the tracks have anything in common since the came off a Compilation cd that was made years ago.


I am looking up the info individualy but only the first file on thelist will retain the changes.


I'm not sure what you mean by where I'm doing this? I am using the tag editor creator 9.





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