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What format does toast 8 need to burn a blu-ray disc



I'm not new to video editing, but I'm new to burning to a blu-ray disc.


I'm editing with Final Cut Pro 5.1.4 and shooting Sony HDV.


Here are my two questions.


1. Can I use DVD studio 4 in final cut and then export a file that Toast 8 would use to burn the blu-ray disc?


2. What type of HDV video file does Toast 8 need to create a blu-ray disc.



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That’s awesome... you cant believe what I've been through in the Apple DVDSP forum. I think I'm going to try this, but first... could you explain again what Blu-ray hardware your using with your Mac (either running in boot Camp or not) You wrote: (BDAV worked well from SONY V1-U burning to MATSHITA BD-MLT SW-5582) but I thought the Lacie D2 external Blu-ray drive was the only Mac compatible unit right now.


Thanks, Sark

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I have travelled down the same frustrating path my friend!


But I did succeed doing it all on my new mac Pro, finally...


Install BOOTCAMP (free beta). Install WINDOWS XP ($269 from AMAZON). Install ULEAD BD RECORDER, which comes with DVD MOVIEFACTORY 6 (free trial, $80 to buy).


BDAV worked well from SONY V1-U burning to MATSHITA BD-MLT SW-5582 and played perfectly in new SAMSUNG 1200 palyer on my 57" DLP.


TIP - install BOOTCAMP et al on its own HD, and use NTFS... This will come in handy when doing a BDAV from a file such as HDV1080 that is larger than 4GB.


To do BDMV, you'll need SONIC DVD-IT PRO HD ($499) which I have yet to try...


Frustrating process, but kinda cool to figure it all out, especially when NOBODY in sales at any of these places seems to have a clue.

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