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RecordNow DX 4.5

Cambs Guy


Hi all,


My first time here so I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.


I know the Veritas RecordNow v4.5 was long before the Sonic/Roxio regime but some of you may remember (I hope!!).


I use v4.5 just to burn DVDs that I author myself. For no apparent reason RecordNow DX has started to say at startup that there are no compatible devices connected to my system.


I had a Pioneer 111D in place when it started playing up so I decided that the drive was faulty and ordered a 112D. While I was waiting for it I installed an old 106 and, hey presto, it worked! When I put in the new 112D - nothing recognised. Put back the 111D - nothing. Put back the 106 - works a treat - well slower than the 111D had been working but I expected that.


It can't be that the 111D or 112D are too advanced for the prog as the 111D had been working okay.


Has anyone else had this and found a solution?


TIA for any help.



Cambs Guy

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It could be that the 111 died and that the 112 is indeed too advanced while the 106 is a known device.


The Record Now series burning engine recognizes devices based on a database of knwon devices. If the device is not on its known list, then it will try to make it work but will occassionally fail to do so. PX Engine updates were released every year or so to update these databases. Fortunately, these updates work as well for Record Now 4.5 as they do Record Now 8. I recommend you download the PX Engine update and see if that resovles the issue. If not, try updating the firmware for the drive.


I just did a search for the drive and it looks like it's a drive that supports dual layer. As you're probably aware, Record Now 4.5 does not support dual layer. You should still be able to burn single layer discs assuming you update the PX Engine.


Update PX Engine:


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Thanks for the input Kevin.


After posting I continued to scour the net and found this (http://forum.videohelp.com/viewtopic.php?p=1668483) on the VideoHelp.com forum. I followed 'lordsmurf' to (http://www.dvd-recordable.org/wwwimgs/media/flash/DOWNLOADS/PX507_DLL.zip) and, almost against my better judgement, did as suggested.


The good news is that RecordNow DX is now working perfectly with the new 112D installed. Job done!!!


In the course of finding an answer I have found some useful sites that I have now bookmarked for the future - this being one of course!


Thanks again - I'll be back next time I'm in trouble!!!

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