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newbie question



Is there something significant about the first chapter that might cause the disc burning to stall? I tried several times to burn my completed project only to have it stall after about 3 seconds of encoding.


I did a burn straight off the raw video file (no chapters or editing) and it proceeded with encoding.


On the burn that stalled, I had deleted about 5 seconds of junk at the begining. I noticed the lock graphic on the first chapter. Does that mean it is uneditable? I don't remember if I edited the 5 secs before or after the chapter generation.



Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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The 'first' chapter is always locked because that is the beginning of the video. Where else would you have the 'first' chapter? :) That wouldn't have anything to do with it not encoding.


Are you editing in Videowave first and then adding the .dmsm file to MyDVD? Are you running Videowave or MyDVD from the 'HOME' app? This has caused some problems with some users. Try this:


Run MyDVD from teh Start menu:

Start>Programs>Roxio EMC 9>Video>MyDVD 9


Create a new project and make sure the settings are correct first 4:3 etc.

Add your unedited file

Select the button that was created


Trim the first few seconds and/or other edits needed


Now edit the menu as desired and try to Burn to Disc, ISO or video_ts folder


Let us know if this works.

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Thanks for your help. I'll let you know how it goes.


Here is an old test to see if there is something wrong with the file. Load the video into VideoWave and then do all your editing. Save the project and then select the film reel icon above the preview window to output your file to mpg2 for DVD best quality. Let the file be encoded. If the file is DVD compliant, you will see a gray preview and the encoding will go quickly. If the file is non-compliant, you will see a preview of the video. If it goes to completion, then just add the mpg2 file to MyDVD when you are ready. It will not be encoded again. You may actually see a combination of gray preview and actual preview since the encoder will re-encode only the non-compliant parts of the project.


If the project hangs, there is a problem with either the video or an edit made. Note the time that it hangs and then look at what is going on around that time. If you've added transition, music or other, then perhaps it is one of those items.

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Videowave is for 'editing' video

MyDVD is for DVD authoring


With EMC 8 & 9, Roxio seems to be trying to integrate to two apps. When you click on 'edit movie' in MyDVD, what you actually see is Videowave embedded into MyDVD. However this version is somewhat limited when compared to running Videowave alone.

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Ok, thats why I couldn't ever see VW. I have MC9. (my only version, so it is just editing in MYDVD I guess). Just trying to understand. Are you saying that "who knows" how the burn hanged up and redo the project?


The project never did stop processing. I was following it in task manager. The resources kept steadily growing, but I stopped it short of 271,000K. The front end of endcoding never moved off 0% at this point. Do you think that everything was really ok? It was an 78min video with 17 chapters with all motion set. Could it be that I just didn't give it enough time or should I have seen results?

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IF you have Easy Media Creator 9, Videowave is included. I'm not sure about the stand alone version like MyDVD 9 Studio.


No idea why your project stalls. I haven't run into this problem except once with a really old video file that was an analog capture. I just ended up trimming some more off and it worked. That may or may not work for you.


Hard to tell if anything was really happening. On one hand system resources are being used. Yet nothing in the progress bar. The program could have been in a loop using resources.


Make sure you have everything updated: video driver, audio driver and DirectX (feb2007).

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The Content disc includes extra stuff like additional MyDVD Menu styles. There is something like a total of 34. Without the content disc, you should only have 3. Content disc also includes stuff for PhotoSuite 9 like additional greeting card and calendar designs.


To run Videowave: Start>Programs>Rocio EMC 9>Video>Videowave 9

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