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Fit to disc option for DL?



It is clear that when making a DVD single layer there is the "fit to disc" option. What is not clear is how much can be "fitted" onto the disc. Is the image degraded greatly?


Is there such an option when making a DL DVD?


How does one get, say 8.6 GB onto an 8.5 DL DVD?


I removed 8.1 and re-installed 8.0. Able to burn again. With 8.1 could not make disc image, burn discs or much of anything. All better now.



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There is no option to fit to DL disc.


As for details regarding how much can fit to a single-layer disc, it depends on the audio format. Toast does not do any compression of the audio, so DL DVDs with uncompressed PCM audio (such as those created by iDVD) use up so much space for the audio that there isn't a lot left for the video. There's a point where Toast just can't make it fit. If the DL disc has AC3 and PCM audio then most anything can be made to fit the single-layer disc.


Quality is lost with compression. The more it is compressed the more quality is lost. How noticeable this is also depends on how good the quality was of the source. There's no way to know how it will look until you do it.

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