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Trouble exporting video from certain DVDs





I have a project that I'm working on for a small local theater that is have a Latin film festival. I've been tasked with editing a trailer for the festival and all of the material has been delivered to me on DVDs. I'm using toast 7.1 to export the video from the DVDs and convert to a quicktime that is editable with Final Cut Pro. Out of the 10 DVDs I've been provided I have easily exported video from 6 of the DVDs.


What I'm doing:

I open Toast and insert the DVD. From the format tab I have "DVD-video" selected and in the other window I have the "Video" tab selected. I click add and select the Video_TS folder on the DVD, toast loads the files, I select the film and then export. I modify the format from mpeg4 to a DVCPRO50 quicktime and then save it to my hard drive.


Here is what I've noticed that's strange: When I import the media from the Video TS folder usually there will an acurate time of the film indicated next to the thimbnail of the film. For the DVDs that I haven't been able to export the time is off. For example one film that is 01:43 was shown to have no length at all, it just said 00:00.

Other films have shown shorter times than the actual film, for example a film that was 01:30 read as only being 00:22. This may not be relevant but it's something I've noticed. This is always the same whether I let toast sift through the Video TS folder and find what it can use or whether I select a specific VOB file.

In these cases when it tries to export the task bar of the export window will quickly finish and move all the way to the right and then the window will just sit there indefintely.


I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on how to work around this issue.

Thanks in advance.




All of the films roughcuts from the filmmakers and are burned on DVD-Rs

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Thank you so much for the help. I really appreciate. So far this seems to be working better. But there are still a couple issues that may be due to a corupted disc. This first film I tested your precedure on exported fine. When I opened up the quicktime it says that for a 01:43 film I had only :34 minutes of video content, then the last frame was held as a freeze frame for the remaining duration of the clip. On the next film I imported one chapter at a time instead of the whole title track and the same thing happened on each chapter. I looked at the 1st clip I exported and noticed that it cuts in unsual places so my assumption is that when it was exporting it just went to the next chapter when it encountered a problem and then the freeze frame duration at the end represents the amount of time that was cut out of the film. Do you think I can resolve this as well, or is it something that I'll have to live with because the disc is bad?


Thanks again for everything, you've been a tremendous help.



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Just incase it's helful to someone else. I took the recommendation to check out Mpeg stream clip. When I loaded the DVDs I was having trouble with, it found timecode breaks in the streams and corrected them. Then the export worked perfectly.

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You are not importing the video from the DVDs in the correct way. But you also are using Toast for a purpose that would be better accomplished using Cinematize 2 or MPEG Streamclip.


First, the way to do this in Toast is to access the titles from the DVD using the Media Browser. Insert the source DVD, choose DVD with the top button of the media browser. In a couple seconds the DVD appears in the lower window. You now can use the browser's lower button to go to the titles level or the chapters level of the DVD. Select what you want and drag it to the Video window. From this point you can select the titles and export as DV.


The reason I suggest Cinematize 2 or MPEG Streamclip instead of Toast is that they allow you to choose the specific segments of a DVD that you want converted to the QuickTime Full-Quality movie format.

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