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Playlist & End actions



I currently have a movie that is 1hour 30 minutes long. It has 39 chapters in it.

I have created 20 Playlists which I thought should play the chapters in the order I placed them in the playlist. When I select the menu item that points to the playlist it goes to the correct chapt and begins to play. At the end of that chaptr it continues to play the next chapter in the movie - not the next chapter in the playlist. I have tried every combination I can think of to get it to stop at the end of the current chapter and start the next one in the playlist, but nothing has changed - no matter what I set.

How do you get it movie to stop and go to the next chapter? It all looks fine in the playlist.



Overtime again... :unsure:


One playlist example:


Eds - Katas

Movie 1 > Chapter 20:Jion

Movie 1 > Chapter 32:Rohai

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I'm a newbie to this application but experienced with other authoring apps. I would guess that you need to have the 39 bits of video as separate files. On the main timeline you would line all them up, but the playlists will play each selected one to the end before moving to the next bit.


Try it on a 3 or 4 item test first!

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DON is correct. You need to add them all as individual selections and use the playlist like a "Play All" option. The behaviour you described for chapters is normal. That's the way commercially produced dvd's function also. The chapters are just starting points to play from, they are not inclusive.

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Adobe Encore allows you to do chapter playlists - I used it in a DVD for my gymnastics team. They either play the whole gymnastics meet, or they clik their name and only see themselves -- ie chapter 3 10 14 22 of the same title. I hope DVDitPro HD adds this soon. I had a compatiblity problem with Encore and my Pioneer blu-ray burner.


Bill in Ohio

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