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PhotoSuite V8.1 worked fine w/Windows 98 but now....


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Can anyone offer any solutions or advice? My new comp also came with Sonic DVD/CD software which I did not have on old comp. PhotoSuite 8.1 came bundled with a Sony digital camera and I loved using the software, never had any problems. Now, with new comp and Windows XP, having all sorts of weird messages, and software will not save after editing photos, instead locks up, screen goes black momentarily, and I lose the photo completely.


Have tried the "compatibility" choices offered by XP, but none of that works at all, still have same problems. I really enjoyed using Photosuite and would like to continue. Does anyone have any ideas, or can I upgrade, or download, or anything to get 8.1 running sweet again like the old days?


Thanks for any help, I appreciate it!


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First thought is you might have Sonic DLA, which is grabbing the burner. If so, remove it. Packet-Writing isn't good for much other than permantly LOSING data anyway.


If that doesn't apply, or doesn't work, have you tried contacting SONY? Since they have bought OEM [Original Eqpt Mfgr] rights, they also accept the responsibility to support the product.



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