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Make your own menu buttons



I got the pioneer dvr-k16 dvd burner standard with my HP dv5000 laptop.

I have no joy with it, it seems to be capatable only with the sonic software. Sonic my dvd for me first appeared with first Sony comercial dvd writers sold in South Africa, I think the Sony DRW500e or something. I still have it in my desktop. I had an earlier version of sonic my dvd which was limited.


I am used to Nero and have designed my own buttons as PNG files. Sonic doesnt see changes made to its buttons. When one alters the origional button artwork in its native photoshop format. It also recognize an alpha (transparent) channel, this is handy for making an 'invisible' button which is simply placed over a 'button' wich is actually drawn as part of background (flat video or a flat image). This works so well that my menus look better than those made in Adobe encore dvd 2, DVDit or any programe ever. I have compleate freedom and control over everything (thanx to after affects, photoshop and premiere) Which by the way also does not recognise the pioneer writer. If I could make my own buttons in photoshop using an existing my dvd button ( which is a psd file) as a guide for size and color I would be happy to continue using my dvd. I think I need the specific shade of the color that My DVD uses to key and create an alpha channel. I seen they use the grey with default file logo pic to key in the video footage the button links to.


Any ideas?

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