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Runtime Error



Yeah i've done all of the above steps as well and i am still getting errors like this one after i reboot my







This application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusal way. Please contact the applications support team for more information. OK


Then there is another error message underneath that


Program ...ommon files/Roxioshared/9.0/SHARECOM/RoxioLiveshare9.exe




-Pure virtual function call OK


Now i have to contact tech support again tommorow to fix yet another problem to be honest the only thing

i am concerned with at this point is getting the rest of this software out of my computer and getting something else reinstalling it is the last thing i want.

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Bristow - whatever your problem is (and you aren't exactly too clear wjat it may be) is nothing to do with this thread - this deals with a problem that occurs some time AFTER installation when the program decides it's a trial version.


Instead of just diving in on the first thread you come to with a 'me too' check first that it DOES apply to you - otherwise, start a new thread


Also, post what it is you are doing, what [program in the suite is causing the problem and also your computer specs - nothing you have said actually tells us a thing

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